Rockchip AI Solutions facilitate Multiform Commercial Applications


Lately, Compass Intelligence (a market research company) released the ranking list of global AI chip companies which was based on the result analyzed from four aspects: Company Performance, Product Performance, Market Performance, and Unique Market. Only two Chinese companies are ranked among the top 20 AI chip companies in the world, and Rockchip is one of them.

Rockchip is aiming at the booming IoT market, and has launched a series of AI chip products positioned to various fields such as vision, image perception and voice interaction etc. so as to realize the mass production and commercial use in various applications.


Powerful AI Chip RK3399

The super-performance BIG LITTLE core architecture RK3399 is a featured product of  Rockchip AI chips. In this early July, Rockchip officially released the Android 8.1 Neural Networks API (NNAPI) optimized SDK based on the RK3399 platform to provide the much more universal and powerful AI computing support. As a matter of fact, it can be applied to various applications derived from and developed on the basis of the mainstream model architecture, such as face recognition, ADAS, product identification, fatigue detection etc..

Based on RK3399, Rock960 platform, features powerful performance and diversified expansion interfaces. It takes the lead in supporting Tengine and can be applied in many innovative fields, such as IOT equipment, intelligent interactive devices, personal computers, and robots. 


AI Voice Interaction Solution

The voice interaction solution is an important part of the Rockchip AI chip strategy. At Baidu Create 2018, Baidu announced that they would team up with Rockchip to create a full-chain solution centered on voice interaction by integrating with software and hardware based on RK3308 and RK3326.

RK3308 and RK3326 are Rockchip's new AI smart voice solutions developed and designed to better meet the market's need for multi-modal voice interactive speaker solutions. Both solutions feature the high-performance and low-power architecture, and they will respectively provide the overall chip solution for audio AI smart speakers and smart display speakers.

As early as 2017 at 谷歌 I/O, Rockchip took the lead in releasing the RK3229 谷歌 Voice Assistant solution based on the Andorid system platform to the world. The solution applied a Quad-core Cortex-A7 architecture and in terms of the speech algorithm, it combined 谷歌’s rich experience in the audio field, supporting the sound localization, sound source enhancement, echo cancellation, and the noise suppression etc.. 

RK3229 solution is now applied to various products, including voice speakers, smart sofas, and voice TV boxes. Recently, the Mango TV Milk Box has been released by integrating with the RK3229 solution. It possesses the built-in far-field voice function, and can accurately identify the main sound even in a long distance or a noisy environment. Therefore, AI is now entering people’s home life. 

AI Floor Mopping Robot Solution

Recently, Rockchip has launched four chip-level solutions for AI floor mopping robots, including RK3399, RV1108, RK3326 and RK3308. They all support various functions ranging from AI to VSLAM and laser navigation, covering a wide range of floor mopping robot products (from high-end products to entry-level products). Meanwhile, they have facilitated the definition and upgrade of the standard for the positioning navigation of the 4th-generation AI floor mopping robots.

In the ecological environment for floor mopping robots, Rockchip’s algorithm partners and ODM/OEM customers are respectively involved in various industries such as laser, VSLAM, AI and other fields, in which way, the mass production can be realized quickly. 


RK3228 Powers the 4G AI Large-screen Age

RK3228 focuses on a variety of video-based devices with screens, and is designed to present people with a better audio-visual feast. Recently, Iqiyi TV Dongle(Dian Shi Guo) 4G has been released, powered by RK3228A chip. In addition, it supports all 7-mode 16-band networks and supports Bluetooth 4.1 and 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band WiFi. Meanwhile, 4G/WiFi dual mode is also enabled. By inserting the SIM card and applying the 4G high-quality communication, the 4K ultra-HD video will be transmitted to large-screen devices. In fact, it is the world’s first 4G+AI screen-casting terminal, which will broaden and enhance people’s entertainment scene experience.

High-efficiency Intelligent Vision and Image Perception Solutions

In addition to video, voice and other solutions, Rockchip also attaches great importance to the research and development of visual processing and image recognition products.

As early as 2016, the “Intelligent Vision Development Platform – RV1108” was officially released, realizing the revolutionized development of the high-efficiency intelligent vision and image perception solutions in various embedded systems.

The newly released RK1608 vision processing chip demonstrates the powerful 3D vision-related capabilities. For example, the deep color technology can help people free from complex remote controls and buttons that are replaced by natural gestures and body control; besides, the human skeleton tracking technology is also applied to achieve the accurate positioning and tracking of pedestrians by means of the machine learning algorithms and post-tracking detection technology.

Rockchip’s AI chips positioned to different fields have covered almost all current applicationsand product forms of AI, and will also help all terminal partners deploy their AI ecological chains and accelerate the commercialization of AI products. 

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