A thousand developers join the Rockchip Developer Conference


The Rockchip Developer Conference 2018 is the third conference held by Rockchip in Fuzhou. The event attracted nearly one thousand developers and audiences from industrial leading companies and a number of renowned companies and partners with global influence attended the event.

A number of industrial leaders and pioneers, including Zhu Kaihua, Duer Business Division CTO, Xie Linfeng, the Chief Architect for IoT operating system of 阿里巴巴 Cloud IoT Business Division, Deng Qiuwei, the President of 360 Intelligence Business, Zhao Hengyi, the Vice President of AI Speech, Chen Feng, the Director of Product Management of ArcSoft, Gao Weihan, the CPO of Pisofttech and Song Xiangming, the Co-Founder of ReadSense gave wonderful keynote speeches in AI cutting-edge technology, AI interactive system, IoT, unmanned driving, major industries and major applications.


Rockchip breaks through in seven major areas

Rockchip demonstrated many cases of its cooperation with industrial giants at the conference. A number of chips of high performance and high cost performance have been successfully applied in nearly 100 industries, including the flagship chip RK3399, RK3288, RK3368 and RV1108.

In the application of high-end AI chips, the Cheetah AI Speaker powered by Rockchip intelligent audio solution newly released in March 2018 was demonstrated onsite. In addition to rich content, the AI speaker contains abundant built-in hot news on the Internet, music, reading and FM applications. It is greatly intelligent in man-machine interactions and able to quickly respond to questions such as “How’s the weather ?”, “Xiaobao, play a joyful song”, “Xiaobao, play a piece of news for today”, etc., which can satisfy user’s all-round needs for basic necessities of life.

Another demonstrated AI solution application was the SenseTime face recognition machine, which adopts the Rockchip image recognition technology and quickly recognizes faces for comparison with the ID card placed in the recognition area. The product may be gradually put into commercial use in the transportation sector nationwide.

In the application of mainstream and flagship-level chips, the cases of applications by the international giants 谷歌 and 索尼 were showed on site as well. 谷歌 has used Rockchip solutions for three successive generations on its electronic products for education, including the Chrome tablets and Chromebook notebooks. As 谷歌 Chrome OS is an online cloud system, teachers and students are able to retrieve all the personal data and information under their account by logging into their account on any terminal. Thus, it has strong application value and convenience in the education field.

Other exhibited items on site include the 索尼 reference design board ToF, which can be used in AR, VR and other fields that require automatic operation, such as robots and drones. Rockchip technology has been widely used in the base of the image technology.


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