Sogou Travel Translator is officially released, AI-powered by RK3399!


A new AI product Sogou Travel Translator which is one of the important products of its AI strategy has been officially released by Sogou at the cooperative conference. Powered by Rockchip RK3399, the Sogou Travel Translator supports various translation modes such as text translation, dialogue translation, speech translation, real-view translation and provides translations in 17 languages. The Chinese-English offline translation capability enables users to use unhindered with non-networked.

RK3399 CPU adapts big.LITTLE core architecture with dual-core Cortex-A72+ quad-core Cortex-A53, which is technologically advanced in terms of overall performance and power consumption.


The Sogou Travel Translator based on RK3399 mainly solves the disadvantages of unstable signals and inaccurate translations of many translation Apps in the market. It combines highlights of the two new technologies and will meet the needs of travel better:

1. Offline translation technology, off-line neural network translation nmt and off-line OCR translation can be implemented in the terminal equipment to solve the stored problems and identify delay problems;


2. The array technology, dual microphone arrays, beam forming, and ambient noise reduction.It can find the strongest sound source, realize the noise reduction and achieve the highest level of speech recognition.

With the launch of Sogou Travel Translator, a strong member has added into nearly a hundred of industry applications of RK3399. RK3399 is suitable for hundreds of industry application products such as AI, electronic whiteboards, electronic schoolbags, face recognition equipment, unmanned aerial vehicles(UAV), robots, game terminals, gaming peripherals, mobile games on-hook servers, home appliances, advisement players/all-in-one machines, financial POS, onboard control Industry, thin client (cloud service), VOIP video conference system, educational tablet, karaoke entertainment, medical treatments, security / monitoring / policing, industrial control, IoT Internet of Things, VR shooting, VR etc.. It has features of high-performance, high-expansion, all-round application and it will empower AI and assists the layout of industry products.

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