New upgrade of RV1108 face recognitionsolution, speeding up AI era


On Nov. 30, the ReadSense announced on the artificial intelligence visual industry forum that it has integrated the their own algorithm IP into the Rockchip RV1108 for official developing kit

Integrating the ReadSense algorithm matrix, RV1108 has the front end super computing.

With the continuous development of AI in recent years, face recognition has become the mainstream technology trend. Through computer vision technology, it enables the terminal devices to have real-time intelligent computing ability is the potential factor for future outburst. Based on this, the updated version RV1108 with frontier ReadSense algorithm IP has the advantages of local computing ability and more market competitiveness.

RV1108 is an important product of Rockchip layout of AI and visual related fields. It has the key technologies of intelligent image processing: embedded with high performance CEVA XM4 visual processor DSP, up to 600MHz;8M ISP; Supports 1440p@30fps/1080p@60fps H.264 video codec; Built-in128M Byte DDR; High integration density; Supports MIPI DSI, HDMI TX, CVBS IN/OUT, 100M Ethernet, Audio Codec.

The powerful technology accumulation of the embedded underlying optimization of ReadSense, powers RV1108 withintelligent front-end computing power. In addition, the ReadSense optimized and customized CNN face detection for RV1108 CEVA XM4 processor, which has made full use of DSP to provide powerful computation ability. It has high robustness, and has good adaptability to light change, posture change, different skin colors, and the people of different ages.

Moreover, ReadSense algorithm IP based on RV1108 also has a completed algorithm matrix, which can perfectly calculate and run locally in the field of face detection, body detection, track, identify and so on, without relying on computer resources. It has extremely low power consumption, but the performance has enhanced several times. Such as face detection, RV1108 with ReadSense algorithm IP can reach 120ms detection speed and 90% detection rate at 1080P resolution.

Core upgrading, aiming at "new" scene

AI is rapidly moving towards long-tail scenes in industry applications. A new generation AI visual module based on Rockchip RV1108 can be flexibly used for face capture, new retail industry.Its advantage of local real-time computing will expedite industry product upgrading.

1. Smart camera

From the acquired image or video stream, it can analyze, detect and discern the facial images in real time and output the structured data, which can perform accurate face detection, recognition and alarm. In addition, the camera also traces and captures 10 people with the clearest faces in a proper angle. The capture is 99%, the false detection rate is less than 0.5%, and the capture repetitive rate is less than 10%.  

2. New retail and intelligent marketing

RV1108 AI visual module could realize passenger flow statistics, hot spot region statistics, membership recognition and other functions in the new retail industry application. In hotels, auto 4S shops and other places, it can realize intelligent marketing and service upgrading through intelligent management of front-end intelligent analysis and back-end cloud platform.  

Rockchip RV1108, which integrates powerful algorithmic, will have more possibilities in application scenarios, such as household IPC, smart cities and other fields. With the constant improvement of front-end intelligent perception and basic cognitive ability, more traditional fields will have a new wave of iterative development. Besides, the upcoming Rockchip RK1608 AI platform has powerful performance, which will push the new trend of technology in the field of AI chip. It is worth looking forward to. 


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