Rockchip micro PX2 chip solution enters the market of car navigation, successfully supporting mass production of China Mobile 4G LTE intelligent vehicle equipment & Ali YunOS intelligent vehicle equipment


First Rockchip chip, PX2, with car navigation standard has good news.

Shenzhen Zhonghong Technology develops the new generation of intelligent vehicle-mounted information system terminal based on Rockchip PX2 chip, which could be successfully applied in China Mobile 4G LTE intelligent vehicle equipment and Ali YunOS intelligent vehicle equipment. It has been widely recognized by many automotive electronics manufacturers with the PX2 as major platform and ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core architecture for the chip.

 Traditional WinCE vehicle equipment has experienced the competitive price war. In the prosperous times of 2015, Internet of vehicles comes to life and a new ecology is created for Internet of vehicles together with PX2 platform.

Successful application project 1: China Mobile first 4G LTE Android vehicle equipment

In June, 2014, Zhonghong Technology adopted the PX2 platform and developed the first 4G LTE Android vehicle equipment for China Mobile public-private branch. The first 300,000 4G LTE Android vehicle equipment of China Mobile public-private branch have successfully won the open tendering with the first award in technical assessment.

The 4G LTE vehicle equipment is equipped with Rockchip micro PX2 dual-core processor, 1G RAM 16G EMMC storage memory and 10.1 inch high-definition display screen with five major functions of multimedia entertainment, intelligent navigation, free internet, security and protection and vehicle diagnosis. The intelligent navigation uses iFLY TECH speech recognition technology and provides real-time traffic status. Entertainment function includes music, internet video, the online video, online learning and online registration. Security and protection and vehicle diagnosis functions combine the OBD box to provide data. Moreover, it can complete the seamless switching and mutual operation of mobile phone and vehicle and support most mobile phones with Android operation system.



Successful application project 2: Ali YunOS intelligent vehicle equipment In November, 2014, Zhonghong Technology cooperated with 阿里巴巴 based on the Rockchip micro PX2 platform to jointly develop Ali YunOS intelligent vehicle equipment. On April 13, 2015, global first Ali YunOS intelligent vehicle equipment was brought to market successfully and won great praise from customers.





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