Rockchip won the China chip - the best performance award again


                   Dec.19th  2008, led by the  MIIT, organized by the  information industry  http://soft.zol.com.cn/ and IC promote center(CSIP http://youxi.zol.com.cn/pc/index3786.html IP) China chip 2008 and 3rd China Chip award ceremony hold in Peking .Fuzhou Rockchips Electronics CO., Ltd 's RK2706 won the China chip - the best performance award .<http://detail.zol.com.cn/picture_index_264/index2638968.shtml> 

              In recent years,with the encouragement of government and the promotion of domestic market, IC industry especially IC design industry make great progress ."China Chip" has made a breakthrough in the  embedded processor,internet
, communication,multimedia processing .
              "China Chip" appraise activity in accordance with the idea of "develop by application, prosper by application ",is aimed at buliding a exhibition terrace for excellent product of the Chinese IC companies , showing the achievement of out IC design industry ,sharing the successful experience , analyseing  the current situation and problems ,exploring the direction of IC design technology .It is promoting the companies' self-creation, building a high-end brand of IC ,connecting the chip manufacturer with the system manufacturer .
               We hope that ,there will be more and more excellent nationa IC design companies,in this changing and developing age.

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